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I feel like I should take more advantage of this site as a place where I can advertise the things I do. So, in the future, I hope to post excerpts from scripts I’m working on, maybe some academic stuff, ideas that are gestating… only a taste, here and there. I’m not selling my (meagre) body of work to the interweb, because where’s the fun in that? But maybe you’ll like what you see… so keep an eye out, and get in touch if you’re ever interested to find out more.


My plays are currently on hold whilst I finish my academic studies, as they take a lot of attention and effort. Here are some short excerpts that give an idea of my work in progress.

Samson: Excerpt

Samson is a new play based on the Biblical story of Samson, bringing in classic tropes of the Samson and Delilah story and various elements of the Biblical story, to create a unique and stylish interpretation of this significant story.

Set the night before Samson’s fateful destruction of the Philistine temple, the play is in the Theatre of Cruelty style, as devised and practised by Stephen Berkoff. I have experience writing, devising and directing Theatre of Cruelty, which we made use of in our A-Level Performing Arts performances, which attracted the attention of the Chief Examiner. She marked our final performance, which she described as “among the highest standard” she had seen on the course.

These opening scenes display the unique structure and style of Theatre of Cruelty. It is visceral, highly stylised piece with strong emphasis on the Chorus and ensemble movement, speech and interaction. When performed well, it is an extremely powerful and affecting brand of theatre, and one I am keen to write more for.

Samson has had a convoluted development: It was selected for the 2012 Durham Drama Festival, but unfortunately an office mishap meant that the submitted script was lost whilst venues and auditions were arranged. The (extremely apologetic) head of the festival stayed in touch though, and asked if I might bring the script back for a future festival.

As a result, I am taking some time to develop the script further. I am looking further at other Theatre of Cruelty pieces, and also at plays that depict a similar part of the secular Christian-play canon, such as Wilde’s Salome. The relationship between Samson and Delilah was never quite satisfactory and I want to provide some more Bite to it. It also needs trimming; Theatre of Cruelty is very difficult to judge from a practitioner’s perspective, so a lot of reading to myself and mocking up scenes in my study is in order!

Caught Short: Excerpt

Caught Short is a play in two acts, set in a University Academic department. Dr Sam Peith is a young, brilliant academic on his way up in the department, but the darker side of his personality emerges as he struggles to seperate his personal and professional lives- and Sophie, the 2nd year student with whom he is conducting an after-hours relationship, may suffer most of all.

This is an excerpt from a revised 2nd Draft- the first scene of the play, establishing several major characters and the dynamics between them. However, I decided that Sam, the central character, needed to be less sympathetic and more of a dangerous presence. This was more evident in the word games he plays with Zelman, his friend and colleague, than in the realtionship with Sophie, which was relatively weak. The third draft will aim to fix this, and rather than attempting to concoct a “dark secret” kind of past for Sam, his damaged personality will come out more clearly in the way he toys with Sophie’s feelings.



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