This much I know

What do you want to know? I want to know it too.

I’m an English student. I’m a wannabe aesthete. I’m a writer and I want to make films and plays for a living. I want to tell you about all the amazing things I learn, because we all learn amazing things every day and forget most of it.

This is a film blog. Mostly. Human beings are the critics of the universe, and life is simply our impression of those things we remember. So I’m going to show you what I think is interesting and important in and around film, the art and the science behind it,  the people who matter, and the occasional review, preview or rant.

We miss so many things that are there to be wondered at, and most of the what’s left is at the mercy of our great ability to forget. Follow me as I make my way through the maze of youth and ignorance. I want to tell you about ideas and theories and things inspire me and help me carve a career in this ridiculous industry. I want your opinions. I want your attention. I want to pass on what I learn to you.

And then it is up to you to pass it on.

This much I know. I hope you find something worth knowing about.


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