A German Word hits Greenhorn Film Festival

A German Word is a project I’ve written about here before- a successful kickstarter and the collaborated talents of Durham and Oxford University has led to a cracking little short about Hipsters, and why they’re so bad at falling in love.

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 14.21.01 greenhorn

Directed by my friend and comrade-in-arms Will Webb, A German Word was shot in January, and has recently made its festival debut at the Greenhorn Film Festival in London- securing a “Highly Commended” 2nd Place in the IdeasTap Young Filmmakers Category.  I worked on the film as its Director of Photography- at least, nominally, as my job blended a number of other tasks including 1st AD, Gaffer, Rushes Co-ordinator and Will’s shrink. I also had a hands-off role in developing the edit, giving Will ideas to feed back to our editor, Ali Linney.

Shoot pic3shoot pic2Shoot pic1

Will, Producer Emily Iredale (now casually interning at Scott Free) and myself went to represent AGW at Greenhorn, in a screening alongside the other shorts, curated by Mike Leigh, a major influence both on British Filmmaking as a whole, and in developing young filmmakers. It was a pretty positive experience, and we fronted a short Q&A after the screening, which involved some thinking on the feet! It was a lot of fun to see the “competition”, with some great and really exciting ideas being played with. We stood out as not being film students or professionals; we have a long way to go towards realising our professional dreams, but being part of an event like Greenhorn is great for gaining experience, meeting other young filmmakers and learning the ins and outs of film festival preparation.

While the film is in Festival submission we can’t broadcast it on the web, but you can have a look at the trailer and the website Emily has set up; as soon as it hits the public sphere I’ll get sharing.




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