A GERMAN WORD: Please support our new short film!

This is a plea for help!

My good friend Will Webb, of INDIETRIX films, has written a new script, and we are going to shoot in the early days of new year. But WE NEED YOUR HELP!


This guy loves steadicams. So do we. So help us get one for A German Word!

Here is our Kickstarter page for A GERMAN WORD: A black comedy about hipsters and how terrible they are at relationships. After all, how can you be serious if you’re always ironic?

We’re raising funds for this brilliant picture to get made in the way it deserves to be made. We already have a lead actress in place, Alice Sanders, who has recently appeared on Channel 4 opposite Russell Tovey. The film is ready to shoot… But there’s some really important things we still need money for:


  • Lens hire- much of the film is shot at night and requires lenses suited to low light. Also needed- follow focus, to allow us to actually get stuff in focus! Always useful when you wanna see stuff.
  • Grip- the film is to be shot on a steadicam (for those awesome floaty stable handheld shots) which we have to hire!
  • Lights- everyone needs lights! It helps stuff look nice.
  • We are also hoping to get hold of a Canon C300 digital cinema camera, which will work wonders for the visual quality of the piece.
  • The money will also help support our student cast and crew- we don’t get paid, but it’ll help us get to locations, get some lunch, and get home at the end of the day.

The Canon C300 with the Canon 85mm lens- this is part of the kit we hope to hire.

Its a lot like a JustGiving charity page, but for entrepreneurial and artistic projects. The catch with Kickstarter is, despite being at nearly £500 already, we don’t get ANY MONEY AT ALL unless we get the full £600! So we need your help.

PLEASE, check it out, have a look at the script, have a look at the previous film Will made (which I worked on over the summer) below. And PLEASE DONATE! Any small amount you can would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

Much love,


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