This is becoming a rather common topic.

Recently, I found two articles on t’internets that pretty much summed up my feelings about HOW GODDAM DISAPPOINTING Prometheus was. As far as I’m concerned, the whole thing is Damon Lindelof’s fault.

This is Damon Lindelof. He needs that smug look wiped off his face.

Damon here was responsible for butchering the can’t-go-wrong movie of last year, Cowboys and Aliens, which quickly became the too-good-to-be-true movie of the decade. He was hired in by Fox to doctor Jon Spaight’s script for Prometheus, which featured facehuggers, a rather more malevolent David and, most importantly, all the really good bits in Prometheus- such as Elizabeth Shaw’s birth sequence.


Just read it and a) feel sorry for Spaights, whom I gave a bit of a mauling to in my original Prometheus post, and b) feel mounting rage at Damon and those corporate idiots who foisted him on poor Ridders and screwed up what should’ve been a new masterpiece for him.

The second article was a blog by a guy calling himself Film Critic Hulk. If you can get by the length, depth and Bruce-Bana-esque use of Caps lock, Its a very insightful, thoughtful, and ultimately more balanced article than I could write on Damon. If you were even the slightest bit disappointed by Prometheus, I suggest you take a look.


One more, just because:
This is Scumbag Prometheus, a memes website dedicated to the many pot holes, inconsistencies, mistakes, and moronic things written into this film. It breaks my heart to say it, but Ridley Scott should’ve been more stubborn. Damon Lindelof should realise that he can’t write very well and find another job. And Fox need to LET FILMMAKERS MAKE FILMS and not run around in the production studios unleashing Damon the bull in Ridley’s China shop.

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