Its (nearly) finished! Script news and other development fun

Below is a printscreen from the first page of the second draft of a script for a play. My play, specifically. The first completed feature-length script I have delivered for a very long time.


Yes, I put “Dramatis Personae”. I couldn’t resist.

This calls for a celebration.

Well, arguably, it doesn’t, because it isn’t finished finished. I’ve written and re-written it and I’m happy enough with it to send it for some critical reading at the hands of a few people whose opinions I trust, and whose criticism is honest and well-informed.

Let me explain the picture above.  Samson is an idea that’s been floating around in my head since last September- it came to me while driving, late at night, and the motorway lights were partially turned off, so the shadows on the road were long and dramatic. And suddenly, in my head, the pair of street lights I was driving past became pillars. And crucified between those pillars was a man, kneeling, wreathed in shadow and decorated by chains. And as soon as I could find my notebook I started scribbling down ideas.

The Genesis of a story is the most exciting moment you can ask for. And I find I really have to ask for it- pray for a flash of inspiration, frustration when nothing is there, then all of a sudden- the germ of an idea sprouts from a seed, which could be anything you see or hear or think. And suddenly, a fully formed idea is hiding in your head. Its all there, somewhere, but you can’t see it- you just know that you won’t be satisfied until you’ve dug it out.

So anyhow, its done for the time being, about to be sent off for proof-reading and that’s all I can do for now. So its back to a couple of other projects, about which I’m suddenly really looking forward to.

I’m working on a couple of short film projects, which are in their conceptual stages. One of them is a promotional piece for a student clothing brand trying to take off- Chet Alexander:


The Chet Alexander Logo is well thought out and suggest a lot to come from this brand. I had a hand in some early conceptual stuff, but the creation is pure Chet and Alex-

The first draft of that script was handed in about two months ago, and we may have some external interest in it. Chet and Alex are looking to promote their brand ahead of a new clothing line, and this could become part of that. Its all in talks, and I’m waiting for feedback to refine the script into something that is professional and workable. Check out their facebook page, its a small but growing brand and there’s some really nice pieces on there.

I’m also compiling ideas for a short promotional film for a Territorial Army regiment in Nottingham. I’m told the British Army is radically changing shape, what with Iraq and Afghanistan coming to a close, the Army will be dramatically reduced and the TA is looking to expand. We’re at the very earliest stages.

These are some of the Army’s current promos. We aren’t making anything on this scale of dispersal (although 380,000 views would be nice) but these are some of the ideas we’re drawing from. More on this in the future, if it goes anywhere.

I’m also coming back to some shelved play-script ideas, which I’m very keen to develop and possibly complete by the end of the Summer. There are two I’m looking back over at the moment: a short play based around this image


Hear no evil, Speak no evil, See no evil… this could be a great little challenge.

Which promises to provide a fun little challenge- a 3-person play where none of the characters can actually communicate with each other. No, I’m not putting monkeys on stage, but  hopefully there’s enough going on here to get you thinking, and if this sets off any ideas, send them my way!

The last is perhaps the most ambitious, in that I’m trying to write a commercially acceptable feature-length play. I.e two acts, roughly 90-135 minutes, with an acceptable sized cast and proscenium-arch set. Obviously its not limited to that  but seeing as I really want to make it happen, I need to write with these limits in mind. If I can make it work, its going to be wicked fun. Its set in a University. Its a love story, of sorts. An unconventional one. The sort that might well make the front pages of the student newspaper, and set ourselves up for a bit of black comedy. Its called “Caught Short” and I can’t wait to get back to it.

Laters x


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