By way of Introduction


Good ole’ Tim Burton. Kicking off Cannes, and my blog.

So, this is blogging?

This is my written record of things wot I has learned recently. I want to make films and plays and it occurred to me that I should start writing about some of the things I see and do, so that A) I don’t forget it all when I need it most, B) provide a record of what I did, more importantly, whyand even more importantly, how, and C) do my bit to pollute cyberspace.

After following the marvelous blog at, as maintained by my friend and Durham’s resident sartorialist, Tom Weller, I felt like I was missing the party and you needed, no, deserved my pontificating on a regular basis.

So yeah, I want to make films and plays. All the time. Join that pantheon of people whose ideas have become art, that “quite useless” thing that makes so much difference. As I learn, and gain experience, I’ll be passing that on. Hopefully it’ll make for an interesting read, and might just help when I’m scrabbling around looking for ideas, CV-fillers, opinions and the like. So that’ll be the general theme here. Follow me on a journey through the beautiful and the unnecessary, and hopefully we’ll find out why we love movies, plays, and poetry. Why all that high-minded philosophical waffle (kind of) matters. What makes meaning meaningful, and why it needs to be so damn difficult to see.

Please do take a look, and keep looking. And if you have suggestions, advice, criticism, send it my way. I’m here to learn.



2 responses to “By way of Introduction

  1. Good luck on your journey. Looks like a visit to the cinema needs to be booked for Christmas time.

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